This is a morphological analyser proposed in the following paper:

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A morphological analyzer is proposed in the following paper:

Sude Tavassoli, Sara Alipour, A Morphological Analyser For Persian Adjectives and Nouns, In the Proceedings of IEEE 2010 3rd International Conference on Advanced Computer Theory and Engineering (ICACTE2010), vol. 5, pp. 437-440, Chengdu, China, 20-22 August, 2010.

The analyzer is modelled in the high-level declarative language lexc. The attached files in the project folder contain all the lexicons for persian adjectives.

For those users who are not Persian: all the keywords that are used in the attached files are transformed from Persian to Pinglish. The following (alphabetical) ordered list shows the translation of the used keywords in English.

  1. bonemozare—> One of the two principal parts that can be used to form an adjective in Persian
  2. bonemazi—> One of the two principal parts that can be used to form an adjective in persian
  3. esm—> Noun
  4. fe’l—> Verb
  5. harferabt—> Conjunction
  6. harfeezafe—> Preposition and postposition
  7. mozaf—> A noun that can be used together with another noun (Genitive case)
  8. passwand—> Prefix
  9. pishwand—> Suffix
  10. qeid—> Adverb
  11. sefatemorakab —> An adjective that is composed of several meaningful components
  12. sefatesaade—> An adjective that is not decomposable to part of speeches
  13. zamir—> Pronoun